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    In the last month it's come to my attention that it takes a long time for me to gather the information for the top half of the information of my book review. Actually, a lot longer than it takes me to write up my actual opinion of the stories I've read. So, in the interest of getting readers to check out the book and keep my time on track, I'd like to make the following announcement:

    I'll be changing the format of the book review to just include my opinion, star rating, etc. I will still provide the author page and book links, but the format of my posts will be changing slightly. In addition the star rating will be in full stars only since most review sites (Amazon, Good Reads, Smash Words, etc) only allow for a full star from 1-5 rating.

    If you all would rather have the previous format, please let me know and I will just start splitting up the gathering, reading and posting into parts.

    Thank you,


    Star Rating Explanation

    I loved it!

    I really liked it.

    I liked it.

    It was okay, but I probably won't read it again.

    I didn't like it, or it had severe critical issues (character development, spelling, etc).

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