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    Today I have the pleasure of interviewing a brand new author, Heather Dahlgren who is the author of The Change Series with book one, Changed which was released yesterday - June 6, 2014.

    Thank you for taking time out so close to the release of your book and the day of your after party to interview with me!

    What name(s) do you write under?
    I write under my own name, Heather Dahlgren.

    Where are you from?
    I am from New Jersey. 

    What is the name of your most recent book and where can we find it?
    My most recent release and first book is Changed, book one of the Change Series.  You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, Kobo and iTunes. 

    What's your latest release about? What genre would you consider it?
    My book synopsis: Kenz hated high school.  Having no friends, no boyfriend, and worst of all being bullied—graduation was the only thing she looked forward to.  After graduation, she completely reinvents herself becoming the person she always wanted to be.  Someone different.  Changed.  When she gets to college, she easily makes friends, boyfriends, and loves life.  For once in her life, she adores the person she has become.

    Enter Campbell Boyd —the attraction between them is instant.  He is sexy as hell.  Sweet, romantic, flirty.  He definitely knows how to treat a woman in and out of the bedroom.   
    Once he has his sights set on Kenz, there is nothing that will stand in his way.  Or maybe there is something that could ruin it all?  One small detail that Kenz tries desperately to ignore—one that can only be swept under the rug for so long.     

    What happens when the past and present collide and secrets are revealed?  Is it possible to forgive or will it destroy them both?  One thing’s for sure—things are going to change.

    I consider this book Erotic Romance.

    What or who inspired you to start writing?
    I've always loved writing.  In high school I wrote any given chance I had.  I started writing a book years ago, but then I had a family and my writing took a back seat.  After my dad passed away I just felt compelled to write again, so I started and with the encouragement of my wonderful friend Kristi Webster, here I am.

    Who are your biggest literary influences?
    My biggest influences are K. Webster, Kate McCarthy, Colleen Hoover, Alison Bailey and Priscilla Glenn.  All amazing authors with brilliant stories to tell.

    When did you start writing?
    I started writing almost a year ago.

    Do you work with a single publisher, multiple publishers or do you self-publish?
    I am a self-published author.

    Do you write full-time or do you have another career right now?
    I am a stay at home mom, so that takes up a huge part of my day.  I write when ever I possibly can.

    As a new author, what are the tips you would give other aspiring authors as they set out on their journey to 
    becoming a published author?
    As a new author the tips I would give aspiring authors is to chase your dream no matter how far out of reach you think it may be.  You can absolutely do anything you set your mind to.  

    What is the biggest hurdle you've had to overcome to get to this point?
    The biggest hurdle I've has to overcome is my fear of putting myself out there to readers.  It's a hard thing to do, you want your readers to love the story as much as you do.  My fabulous beta readers helped ease my fear when they loved the story just as much.  Also, I've had to become much more computer savvy, not an easy thing for me, at all!

    How did you decide on what cover art to use?
    For my cover I wanted something sexy, something that would grab the readers attention.  I also wanted it to resemble the main characters as closely as possible.   I was extremely happy with the way the cover turned out.

    Will your book be out in mobile format only or will it come out in soft bound or hard bound editions as well?
    My book is available in mobile format as well as paper back.

    Do you have any blog tours or upcoming events we should know about?
    I have a blog tour coming up.  I'm very excited for it.  I also have my, The Day After Party, happening 6/7.  I am excited to get to hang out with my readers and celebrate the release of Changed.

    What's your next step?
    Right now I am working on book two of the Change Series.  I am very excited to bring this to you all as soon as possible.

    What are your social media links?
    Twitter: HeatherDahlgren
    Instagram: 5Dahlgrens

    Don't forget to check out Changed today! The picture below will link to Amazon, simply because I have a Kindle.

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