Sale: Amazing Deal! July 4th - 10th Only!

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    Amazing Deal via Amazon and Vanessa Wester!

    So, I received Hybrid for free from Amazon and Smash Words and I was hooked, so I borrowed the entire trilogy from the Kindle library via Amazon and if I suggested that anyone who wants these books or tried and loved Hybrid definitely get the trilogy. Of course I meant to buy it via Amazon. I mean really, THREE books for only $5.75, that's an AWESOME deal by any means, especially for an enthralling series.

    Guess what? Starting July 4th - 10th, the entire trilogy is on sale for only .99 and I am floored! I am going to buy my set first thing tomorrow and run a really quick giveaway for more sets because they are definitely worth the full price, let alone the sale price!

    Check out more from Vanessa herself at

    Check out my giveaway for this series at it's through my Facebook page and Rafflecopter! The more entries I have the more copies I will giveaway!

    Legal Disclaimer: The giveaway is in no way endorsed, sponsored or run by Facebook, they are in no way liable for this giveaway.

    The giveaway through my page via Facebook will start 12:00 am July 4th and run through 12 am July 7th so I have enough time to draw winners with Rafflecopter, get email addresses and gift the copies before the sale ends.

    Winners must claim their prize and provide a valid email address within 24 hours of the close of the giveaway!

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