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    Please help me welcome Michelle Rabe (@MichRabe) to the blog today!


    What name(s) do you write under? If you write under a pseudonym, what helped you choose that name?
    I write under my own name. I did toy with the idea of a pen name but decided against it.

    Where are you from?
    I am a California girl born and raised.

    What is the name of your most recent or upcoming release? 
    My current release is Cast in Blood the first book in the Morgan Blackstone series. I am currently working on the second book in the series, which is tentatively titled Forged in Flame.

    Can you give us an idea of what the story is about?
    It’s about a vampire who is the unwilling subject of blood experiments.

    What genre is it? 
    Paranormal Dark Urban Fantasy

    Where can we find it? 
    It’s available through Amazon and on Createspace.

    When did you start writing, and when did it turn professional?
    I’ve been writing and telling stories for as long as I can remember. It turned professional about three years ago when I got serious about finishing and publishing Cast in Blood.

    What is your writing process? Do you use an outline, fly by the "seat of your pants" or some other method? 
    I fly by the seat of my pants. If I try to plan the characters go quiet in my head and I get blocked until I give up and go with the flow.

    What or who inspired you to being writing? 
    I have to say it was my dad. He used to read to us when we were kids and it inspired my love not only of reading but also story telling.

    Who are your greatest literary influences? 
    I read far and wide I don’t think I have a greatest influence.

    Did you hire or use an editor prior to publishing? 
    Yes I knew that I would need an editor.

    Did you use a graphic artist to create your cover art? If so, what helped you decide on the cover(s) of your books?
    I had an artist that I worked with on the cover for Cast in Blood. I knew that I wanted to have a character on the front but didn’t want a lot of detail on the image because I want the readers to have their vision of the characters.

    What have you learned on your journey from writing to publishing that you think should be passed along to those interested? 
    Take the time to make sure that the story is right. Hire an editor and listen to their advice.

    I know some authors set writing goals, such as so many words per day. Do you set any goals for your stories? 
    I set a daily goal of 1000 words unless I’m not working my day job then I try for 2000. I let the story tell itself so I don’t put any constraint on them.

    Do you have a favorite character of your own and what makes him/her your favorite?
    My favorite character is the one that’s being the loudest in my head. Overall I do have a soft spot for Eric Kincade though, he was supposed to be a quick there and gone character but refused to let me dictate what happened to him.

    Do you have any projects your working on now?
    I am working on Forged in Flame which is the follow up to Cast in Blood and a fantasy piece that started out as a short story but is turning into more.

    How do you juggle time between all your responsibilities? 
    I tend to write late at night so I make sure that I have everything done before about 9 at night which gives me several hours to write before I crash.

    How do you feel about publishing in a digital age?
    I think that there are a lot of great things and a lot of awful things about publishing in the digital age. There are a lot more good and bad books out there I think that it can get overwhelming for readers sometimes. I also think that a lot of authors devalue their work and sell it for cheap because they believe that they have to build a following. 

    Do you have any blog tours or upcoming events we should know about?
    Nothing coming up right now you can keep up with what’s doing by following me on Facebook.

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    1. Michele Rabe,
      Love the cover art! I don't know how you write after 9 PM. You must be a very productive night owl.
      Jackie Marilla

    2. Jackie - I'm not published myself but I found that my most productive time is when the kids are in bed and the husband is asleep late at night, it's quiet and I can get so much more done than I normally can. I wonder how long she stays up at night? I'll have to ask!

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