Book Review: My Fair Duchess by Julie Johnstone

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    My Fair Duchess by Julie Johnstone

    My Book Fairy Rating & Review:  4 out of 5 stars

    Review: As I was reading this book, I couldn't help but remember the classic romance novels that my mother read and I used to sneak when I ran out of books, except some of the scenes are definitely not my mother's romance but so much more.

    I have to admit, romance and "chick lit" are not my typical genre, as you can see by previous reviews, but I was blown away by the writing in this book. Even though some may think the story, cliche' [without spoilers], love comes from a source unexpected to the characters.

    The story is beautifully written with some scenes that make you wish you could jump right in. I could easily see this ending up [years down the road] as a classic romance novel. The characters and story were well developed and I was happily surprised that I enjoyed this tale of love, loss and overcoming obstacles [even yourself] when it comes to love. I am a romantic at heart, but this story is a beautiful tale I'd recommend to others.

    This love story could easily be placed in another space and time by changing a few details, so I believe it is an everlasting tale of love and triumph. Well done, Julie Johnstone.

    P.S. Did I mention the amazingly beautiful cover art?! I mean look at the color and style, absolutely stunning!

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