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    Grew up in Maryland and lived an average life. In college I was a theater major, but wasn’t that good at acting so I left the acting world behind once I graduated. I did keep up writing my comedy sketches and eventually pursued Improv. That took me to Chicago where I was in the Second City Conservatory Program. But, like much of my life and to my husband’s chagrin, I gave up Improv. I have a tendency to lose interest in things after a certain period of time, my mom is the same way. So, now I am a writer, no longer the performer. I make my characters perform for me. My husband and I and my two little boys have moved back to the Washington DC area to be closer to family. Every day I take care of my kids and while they nap or eat or play I write.

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    Title: Grading Him
    Series: Him, Her, Them, Book 1
    Author: Elizabeth Lynx
    Publication Date: July 28, 2014


    Is this the type of story you should read after ‘Fifty Shades’, depends. Do you want something where the woman is an innocent naive and a powerful billionaire introduces her to toys, games and other naughty play? Well keep moving because this ain’t it. 

    Do you want a story where the woman is strong, sexy and in control? Where the man is sexy as f**k and a self-proclaimed Jekyll and Hyde with woman? Do you want a story where these two characters come together and, well, I think you can imagine what happens? No toys please, they definitely don’t need them. 
    Josephine Powell is an intelligent assistant professor of Psychology. She is a woman who knows what she wants, a man she would be happy giving a grade A to in the bedroom. Unfortunately, she has yet to meet a man that even comes close. She’s tired of dealing with men who just don’t try; she needs a man who can handle her and her needs. 

    Pierce Carver is a smart man. So, smart he got out of the slums of Baltimore to go to MIT and make a lot of money so he never has to visit his old neighborhood ever again. He’s not interested in making money anymore; he’s interested in only two things, his charity to help inner city youth and woman. The later he prefers variety, as in one good lay and then out the door you go. Women are for sex and nothing more. 

    Josephine meet Pierce. 

    Pierce meet Josephine. 

    Can they handle what each wants and needs?



    Title: Reaching Her
    Series: Him, Her, Them, Book 2
    Author: Elizabeth Lynx
    Publication Date: September 20, 2014


    Pierce Carver has, between hard work and brains, achieved everything he's set his eye on. A serial entrepreneur, now independently wealthy, his sexual prowess has always kept women from leaving after the deed was done, much to his chagrin. Until the night Josephine comes into his life, that is: the one woman he wanted to stay through the next morning! It’s the morning after the best sex of his life, when he wakes to find neither her nor her number, only an enigmatic note. Will he even be able to find her? If he does, will she even want a man who has no idea how to woo a woman?


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