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    After months of discussions with a networking colleague and close friend I've finally made a decision to try my hand at promotion authors, books and reviews!

    A huge THANK YOU to Shannelle and all the amazing advice she's given me, as well as all the help she gave me over the last two years to learn about social media networking and marketing, starting with Ceebo and eventually trying my own hand with Night Owl Networking.

    I hope to adjust what I've learned to help people I have a great appreciation for - authors, especially those who are "indie", self-published or with small publishers as word of mouth can help them more drastically than big name and high end published authors.

    So, if you have a blog, a Facebook page, or you love to do book reviews then please check out the information below!

    I am looking for bloggers and those even without blogs which are willing to do book reviews.

    In addition, I have my very first blog tour coming up October 25th-31st. I'd love it if you join, or are even willing to do a review.

    In addition, I've started my first Thunderclap and would love your support!

    Thank you all for your continued support!

    Remember - Thank an Author - Write A Review!

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