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    Please welcome Sheena Hutchinson (@Sheena_Hutch)

    The main challenge I've found when writing a Paranormal Romance is trying not to be so cliché. I simply hate cliché plots, I also hate it when people know what is going to happen, I want to keep people guessing. This is supposed to be fiction I want it to be creative and new. If that means killing someone off, cliffhangers, or avoiding that happy little ending, maybe that’s what needs to be done. I love a little air of mystery, what’s going on? What will happen next? – that’s a big theme in my books the fear of the unknown.

    When writing, I didn’t want cliché characters either, that typical 17-year-old virgin! That’s why I made Seraphina the way she is, 25 years old, somewhat lost in life, craving more, and has had her share of boyfriends, yet still looking for that special one. She’s relatable—real. I love that she’s relatable to pretty much all ages as well. I created her so that her age didn’t matter, maybe she’s in work instead of school, but she’s still got that one wacky friend and she still feels like she doesn’t quite belong. She fits in and just sort of coasts by in life. Nothing special, nothing extraordinary until one crazy accident suddenly flips her world upside down.

    Cliché love scenes… nah, not for me! I love a little twist, Does love really conquer all? I guess only time will tell, but even if it does—don’t expect it to be easy. I also have to admit I have a little bit of a dark side. Don’t be surprised if Dark-Sera shows her face.

    In the end, Paranormal Romance is such a broad topic. It encompasses so many things from Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, Warlocks, Angels and Demons. There are so many challenges when it comes to writing but the main thing is to have fun with it. Explore your imagination, dig deep and discover new original ideas and just fly with them. The best part of writing paranormal is—it’s fiction! No one can tell you what’s right or wrong!

    Title: Seraphina: Initiation
    Series: Seraphina Series, Book Two
    Author: Sheena Hutchinson
    Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

    Publisher: Hutchinson Publishing
    Date of Publication: 10/20/2014
    ISBN: 1502319608
    ASIN: B00NE4Q7J2
    Number of Pages: 200
    Word Count: 60,000
    Cover Artist: Andrea Garcia

    Book Description

    Seraphina Cross is unexpectedly thrown into this crazy, spiritual world of Angels versus Demons. Never did she expect to meet Nate who was just a figment of her imagination until last week. Now she finds herself moving in with him because of her innate responsibility to protect her loved ones from harm.

    Finally beginning to feel at home in her new house and with her new relationship. Nate begins training Sera in all that she can do, surprising even himself at times.
    Just when she is starting to feel safe and powerful, the Devil finds a new way to attack her at her most vulnerable.

    When her dreams are no longer a gift, can Sera control the powers needed to defeat what's coming before Lucifer fulfills his promise to her?

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    About the Author

     Sheena is a born and raised New Yorker, even her writing can't seem to hide her hard sarcasm. She claims destiny has lead her back to her true passion for writing.

    She constantly strives to be a positive role model and writes stories that empower and inspire. Sheena always roots for the underdog, believes in love at first sight, and that everyone should have their happily ever after.

    While God is currently still writing her love story, she continues to put all her effort into her writing as she is constantly getting new inspiration.

    For more info, updates, and fun facts visit her website.

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