Author Spotlight: Lexis Monet & Take Me To The Prom

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    Debut Novel: Take Me To The Prom by Lexis Monet
    Release Date: October 17, 2014

    This book is intended for audiences age 11-18


    Kaley is in the eleventh grade and has been competing with Zane for years. She wants to go to prom, but no one has asked her. 

    She begins to have feelings for her gorgeous nemesis and starts to wonder if he will ask her. Will she say yes if he does ask? Will he ask?

    Meet The Author

    This book is intended for fun! 

    Lexis Monet is an eleven year old girl who dreams of one day writing her very own novels. She loves chocolate and puppies. She hopes everyone will enjoy her book. 

    This story is already #17 in the Kindle Store for short stories!

    Help support a young author, just starting out with her dreams! 

    At $0.99 and 13 pages, this is a great & inexpensive way to help support the next generation of authors!

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