Book Review: First Wave by JT Sawyer

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    First Wave by JT Sawyer

    My Book Fairy Rating & Review:  3 out of 5 stars

    Review: As I was reading this book, I could help but think about the many times my husband and I have spoken about a "SHTF" [S#!T Hits The Fan] scenarios, such as a zombie apocalypse, a viral outbreak, or some time of end all nuclear style war and the discussions we've had about plans, places to meet, "bug out" gear and more. It is a regular discussion in our house since we live less than an hour away from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) and The Walking Dead [AMC] is regularly filmed near our home, my husband and I are avid zombie story readers & watchers, in multiple genres. 

    This book held my attention from start to finish and it's apparent that the author has not only done his research, but has an intricate knowledge of the psychology, reactions and scenarios that can play out when "living off the grid" where your first thought is survival - food, shelter and water. The scenarios while some may deem as unrealistic could be plausible in an "end of the world scenario", no one is a super human and we all make mistakes. Hunger, a lack of sleep and living in fear can make humans do all sorts of things and make decisions they wouldn't normally make.

    That being said, I had a couple of issues with this story:

    First, I felt it ended abruptly and I generally prefer books, even in a series to leave less up in the air than this one did. You're left with so many questions at the end that you have to make a choice - Do I wait and purchase the next story, or do I let these questions go, or linger in the back of my mind until some later date?

    Second, I felt the characters were a bit over or underdone, depending on how you look at it. The characters in the book didn't seem "built up" enough to me, as if I stepped into a room and had no idea who these people were at the core. Granted, character development could easily be explored in future books, just as in a movie or TV series you get put into the action and then get to know the people along the way. The dialogue between people, even in a strained environment, I felt should have been a little more conversational, even for those who are exceptionally "brainy". I have a rather verbose vocabulary and can't imagine when my life is on the life, returning to a higher education style of discussion. However, in this scenario you have people who have military training and I can't speak to what would occur if they reverted to the "basics" of survival, it's quite possible that's actually more realistic than the ideas that go on in my head and the scenarios that play out in the conversations we have here!

    I feel like the story brings you in, gets you hooked on the action, but really could slow down and expand some to offer more insight into the characters. It's my hope that future books in the series will, even at a fast pace, allow a more conversational tone between characters and give us a bit more "rounding out" of characters. In addition, I hope that future stories won't leave me "hanging" waiting until the next is published.

    Overall, the story is an enjoyable read, and especially educational when it comes to learning a bit about survival in an unconventional world, or apocalyptic scenario.

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