Book Review: Paranormal Persistence ~Caveat~: True Experiences by David Allan

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    My Book Fairy Rating & Review:  3 out of 5 stars

    Review: This story is about real life experiences of the author and his family throughout his life from childhood to the time of printing. I am honored to have been asked to read this story and offer my personal review, especially because I enjoy stories of a paranormal nature. I'd like to start by saying that I believe that there are things in life that we cannot explain with "traditional" beliefs and reasons. At one point in the story David states that he doesn't believe his home was haunted, but rather his family. A local "ghost hunter" has in a recent interview discussed that he believes there are haunted places and people who attract energy or ghosts. Considering the length of time David has experienced the paranormal, multiple places, in the presence of multiple people, and was not the only one in his family, I believe it makes sense that they may have been more susceptible to these experiences, and it makes sense that it would "follow" the members of his family.

    The experiences that he and his family had throughout his lifetime were an interesting read, but I feel sad that the members of his family were not more open to communication, leaving what seem to be a myriad of questions left unanswered. In the time during which the story has taken place and the strict upbringing however, I understand why they may have been less likely, especially initially to believe or talk about the occurrences. I think it shows a very open mind and a lot of courage by the author to talk about his story openly and put it up for the public. I also believe that this journey from experiences to author may have been cathartic for David.

    I felt the story was interesting but the execution could use some improvement. On the technical side of the writing there were a few things I personally felt were lacking which detracted from the story overall. The chapters jump back and forth through experiences and the author at different ages and were not in chronological order with no real transition from one chapter to another. I believe it made the story a bit harder to follow through the time line to know what experiences happened during what periods of his life. In addition, the stories from his youth ages which included a railed baby bed and an approximate age of 3-4 were recounted in vivid detail, including exceptionally detailed memories. I'm not saying that it's impossible, but the amount of detail included makes me wonder as a reader if part of the stories were recounted to the author who then included them, but in first person perspective.

    I would caution readers to keep an open mind as personal beliefs and religious views may keep someone from enjoying the read.

    Overall, I felt the story or stories in the book were entertaining and interesting, but the execution and layout could use a bit of work to make it easier to read and follow along. Barring the chapter order and transition, I still feel this book deserves three stars.

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