Book Tour: The Evolution Trilogy Featuring Hybrid & Upcoming Release Emily by Vanessa Wester

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    Today kicks off the countdown to Emily book tour for The Evolution Trilogy by Vanessa Wester (@vanessa_wester) featuring the first book in the trilogy, Hybrid.

    I am happy to kick off the Hybrid Tour here at My Book Fairy!

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    So, in the meantime, let's learn a little bit about Vanessa and her trilogy!

    About Vanessa Wester

    When Vanessa Wester decided to start writing she found an outlet for her imagination. It is the best way she can think of to express herself and escape from everyday life.

    She has a lot of eggs in her basket since she is a qualified Secondary School Mathematics Teacher, ASA Swimming Teacher, has a degree in Accounting & Law, has been a competitive swimmer and enjoys art, singing and drama. In addition, she is bilingual in English and Spanish, and speaks some Dutch, since she was born and raised in Gibraltar and has lived in Rotterdam. 

    However, since her son was born, she has been a stay at home mum who gives up a lot of her time towards voluntary organisations.

    About The Evolution Trilogy

    The Evolution Trilogy is comprised of Hybrid, Return and Complications.

    Steven Thorn is about to learn that his life is not going to be straightforward. Before he does, he meets Caitlin and discovers the irrational attraction of first love. However, when everything becomes complicated, will love be enough? 

    Regardless of what he is and where his loyalty should lie, a decision has to be made. Rules are meant to be broken.

    From the University of Southampton to the depths of the Amazon jungle in Brazil, Steven and Caitlin will discover that in the game of love, destiny is always the winner... 


    Steven Thorn has no trouble settling in at university. He is confident, hardworking and intelligent. When Caitlin Chance catches him off guard he is bemused by the instant attraction, and the more he gets to know, the more he likes.

    Yet, Steven has a secret past that is destined to reveal itself, and he is soon to become a stranger to everyone. The wheels are set in motion for his radical upheaval. But first love is a powerful thing, and the connection forged between Caitlin and Steven is not easily broken.

    The impossible is only the beginning...


    Steven Thorn and Caitlin Chance are meant to be together. At least, when they first fell in love it seemed inevitable. But love is sometimes not enough. It makes them act irrationally, it tests family loyalties, breaks and makes friendships, and causes physical and mental pain. Yet, without love, Steven and Caitlin are lost.  

    As they return to the community and discover the possibilities open to them, all is not what they hoped. Steven has impacted the lives of many since he was discovered, and the choices he made have led to events beyond anyone's control.

    Love brought Steven and Caitlin together and fate is playing with their emotions, constantly undermining their willpower and determination. In the game of love, destiny is always the winner...


    Steven Thorn has had a nightmare year... He finds out he is not normal. His life gets erased. He starts a new life in the amazon, and then he ends up with a debilitating injury. Life could not get any worse - he thinks. 

    Yet luck is on his side as his injury leads to freedom and his eventual return to Southampton. His new home is a Victorian house on the outskirts of Southampton, a place close to his first love, Caitlin. Now that he is back, he intends to find a way into her life, but he has no idea if she will even remember him.

    Caitlin is about to discover the reason for her unexplained sadness over the past year, and will find it hard to resist Steven's magnetic pull. She has never been good at avoiding things that are bad for her, and the return of Steven is about to challenge her willpower in an unimaginable way.

    Releasing October 31, 2014 



    Emily has not changed in fifty years. A freak accident made her immortal, or so she thinks. When she is finally allowed to return to her beloved England all is not as she expected. So much has changed. The past she was holding onto does not exist. Since the Second World War, people have embraced a new age. In this era, people have an obsession with gadgets, strange clothes and weird music.

    Added to this her blood-lust has become insatiable and her promise to control herself is torn to shreds. That is until she meets Paul. She never expected to find love... and when it happens, can she do what it takes to hold on to it?

    Fate has never been kind to Emily, and it gives her everything she wants at a cost. She must pay a price for being a murderer. For within her twisted heart lies a dark soul.

    Coming Soon - Review by My Book Fairy!

    Stay tuned throughout the tour!

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    1. This is fantastic - I am so grateful to you for doing this for me! Thank you to anyone who has also agreed to be a part of this tour... please let me know if anyone has questions! Vanessa :) xx

    2. I am so glad to be able to help out and do this! <3

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