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    Born and raised in Carson, California (Del Amo) a city in Southern California, Kierra Petty has had aspirations of becoming an entertainment magnate since was eight years old. In 2007 she received 1st place for Friar's Charitable foundation's Martin Roth Student Screenwriting  award, where she completed her 1st feature  length  script  at the age of 16. This blossoming film maker made a splash as a songwriter  jumping on hook after hook, while attending Savannah State University. Within a year of  graduating  Georgia State  University  with a B.A. in film & Video Production, She  has since release A Queen' s Checkmate  1&2.

    Queen's Checkmate
    Released: January 24, 2014


    Pain and tragedy never came in a more beautiful shell. A Queen’s Checkmate is the story of Amira, a girl becoming a woman, jaded by the disappointment of being failed by those around her.
    After the simultaneous death of her twin brother and loss of her own innocence, she is trained to be a beast, hungry for revenge. Yet, as she grows so does her thirst for blood. Unfortunately her burgeoning feelings of love and lust ultimately derail her mission.
    Will she find the satisfaction she wanted in the form of payback, ultimately making the biggest power move of checkmate or will she find that there is no satisfaction after revenge.
     Queen's Checkmate 2
    Released: July 21, 2014


    Jump back into the story of Amira, as she tries to free herself from her own mistakes. Having attempted to gain her own revenge, she finds herself fighting for her life and waiting for the men in her life to come save her. Disgusted and feeling betrayed, Bri$$ wants no part of Amira and battles with whether she’s worth the trouble. After an intimate run in with a past flame, will Bri$$ find it in his heart to save the woman he thought he loved, or will he let the Queen meet her demise?

    Queen's Checkmate 3
    Releasing:  October 2014


    “No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place.”-Meir Kahane

    Amira survives only to concoct the perfect plan to finally bring her mission of revenge to a close. Her mission is accomplished with the help of the Love of her life Bri$$ and a few old friends. As a result, she finds peace that almost seems too good to be true. Finally the love birds find themselves ready to settle down. Deciding to leave Los Angeles, they feel as though life is what they’ve always wanted in good ol’ Atlanta, GA. That is until Amon brings a new love named Lovie into the equation. Bri$$ feels like he knows her from somewhere but can’t quiet place it. Amira instantly gets bad vibes and decides she doesn’t like one thing about her. Things get weird when threats on their family and peace begin. Who is behind it all? Aren’t all of their enemies dead? Will Amira lose it all for the final time? You’ll find that sometimes old lives come back to haunt.

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    Fact  about Queen's Checkmate 

    A Queen’s Checkmate 1 was written when Kierra was 15 years old. A teacher allowed her to spend her year as a Teacher’s Assistant, writing the novel instead.
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