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    Please welcome Marina Myles (@marinaauthor) to the blog!

    Where are you from?

    I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but I’ve lived in Arizona since I was five. I love the sunshine!

    What is the name of your most recent or upcoming release?

    CHRISTMAS AT THORNCLIFF TOWERS releases on November 24. It’s a novella in the Cursed Princes series. In February, CINDERELLA AND THE GHOST comes out which is the last full-length book in the series. (Sniff!) I hate to see it end!

    Can you give us an idea of what the story is about?

    For CHRISTMAS AT THORNCLIFF TOWERS, a lot of my readers expressed a desire to revisit characters from my first novel, BEAUTY AND THE WOLF. So, that’s what I gave them! It was fun weaving a holiday-themed, short story around Draven and Isabella. Fortunately, my new hero and heroine are hardly overshadowed. We’re talking a fiery Gypsy witch and a courageous werewolf’s servant!  

    What genre is it? 

    Historical/paranormal romance.

    Where can we find it? 

    You can find it at all major eBook outlets including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and GooglePlay.

    What is your writing process? Do you use an outline, fly by the "seat of your pants" or some other method? 

    I used to be a “seat of my pants” kind of writer. That is, until I found myself going back and rewriting a lot. Then I began outlining and doing character charts.

    What or who inspired you to being writing? 

    I grew up reading Agatha Christie. To this day, I consider hers to be some of the most fantastic books around. I wanted to do what she did.

    What have you learned on your journey from writing to publishing that you think should be passed along to those interested? 

    Considering that there are so many avenues to publishing today, I hope aspiring authors take this advice: write what you love and your story will find a home. It might sound cliché, but I believe it’s the only way for any passion you have for your work to shine through.

    I know some authors set writing goals, such as so many words per day. Do you set any goals for your stories? 

    I don’t do words per day per say. (Hey, that rhymes!) Instead, I write when my daughters are in school. Whatever gets done during that time, great!

    Do you have a favorite character of your own and what makes him/her your favorite? 

    My husband complains that I’m fickle on this point and that the hero I’m currently writing about is always my favorite! However, the heroine I adore the most is Karina Petri from CHRISTMAS AT THORNCLIFF TOWERS. She’s feisty and forthright, if not a bit conniving. I wish I were her sometimes!!

    Do you have any projects you’re working on now?

    Right now, I’m doing final edits for CINDERELLA AND THE GHOST (The Cursed Princes #4) ~ Coming February 2015. It’s a magical time-travel romance that features a modern day Cinderella and a French viscount as her Prince Charming. Did I mention he’s a three hundred-year-old ghost and that he’s super sexy?

    How do you juggle time between all your responsibilities? 

    It isn’t easy, but luckily I have a supportive family!

    Do you have any blog tours or upcoming events we should know about? 

    For every new book and novella, I schedule a release day blitz and a week-long blog tour with Bewitching Book Tours. They’re awesome!

    How can we connect with you? 

    I love hearing from my readers via

    You can also find me at:!/marinaauthor

    Thank you for joining me here today!

    It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for having me!

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