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    Please welcome Isobelle Cate!

    Hi Aislinn! Thank you so much for the opportunity to guest in My Book Fairy online.

    How long have you been writing and what inspired you to become an author?

    I’ve been writing since I was 14 but what inspired me to be a published author was a hedgehog! Yup! A hedgehog that tumbled down the stairs of our basement apartment. That got my creative juices flowing to become a children’s author. I landed in paranormal and contemporary romance, and historical fiction instead.  I was also inspired by several favourite authors to try my hand at writing like J.K Rowling, Donna Grant, Tina Folsom, Felicity Heaton, to name a few.

    What drew you to the "secret stories" that you're so passionate about?

    The secret stories are the myths and legends that make a people what they are. These stories are handed down the generations and while there’s no doubt that they have been embellished through time, there are hidden truths in these stories. There are hidden symbols and beings that persist in a person’s psyche. It is what drives cultures, what drives their oral histories. Passed down through time these secret stories make legends and myths larger than life.

    What type of background in history do you have?

    I specialized in Colonial history, Philippine history, and the Cold War. I was fascinated with America’s SDI programme. I also have a penchant for Scottish history which I use as a background for almost all of my books. I’ll be looking into Welsh history very soon.
    Can your books be read as standalones or do they need to be read in order of the series?
    I have a few novellas that can be read as standalones. My paranormal series can be read as standalones since the love stories between the hero and heroine are complete even if they belong to a series. I feel that it doesn’t have to be read in order although a reader mentioned that they found it much better to do so.

    Do you have a favorite character and if so, who and why are they your favorite?

    I think my all-time favourite would be Eirene Spence from Rapture at Midnight. First, because she was the first heroine I created for the series. Second, she’s the closest in character to me. Having said that, I think that all authors tend to put a little bit of themselves in their characters. After all, they gave birth to them...figuratively.

    Tell us about your most recent or upcoming release.

    My most recent release is Midnight’s Fate. This is the fourth book of the Cynn Cruors Bloodline series. The story follows Zac McBain, a Cynn Cruor immortal warrior, philosopher, and medic to a place that doesn’t exist in present day La Nahuaterique, Honduras. He is accompanied by the Ancients who know of this place to find the source of the silver that nearly killed Graeme Temple, a fellow Cynn Cruor and former Knight Templar. But that isn’t all that Zac finds when he stumbles upon Faith Hannah, his mate. Problem is, the Cynn Cruors’ nemesis, Scatha Cruor leader, Dac Valerian is also after the silver so it’s a race against time that will pit them against each other.

    What is the process you follow to take a story from an idea to "paper"?

    I don’t exactly have a process like a plotter has because I’m more of a pantser or a plotypantser? When inspiration strikes, I just write, complete with the setting and the characters. On the other hand, if I’m out walking and an idea strikes me, I just write what I want to happen. Then I buckle down and write on a notebook first before I transfer it to the computer. I know it’s so archaic! But I just get stymied too much when I write straight into the computer.

    What do you think about publishing in the digital age?

    The digital age has given so many aspiring and published authors a different method and avenue to share their stories. The cliché nothing remains constant except change also applies to publishing. While it would be good to be traditionally published, there are just so many fantastic stories that end up in the slush pile which digital publishing is able to give an outlet to.

    How do you juggle so many different "masks"?

    Uh…..carefully. ;-) Seriously, sometimes it’s difficult, but here’s how I do it.

    Once I’m finished for the day in my day job, I go home prepare dinner and write in between cooking. When my son needs help with studying, I drop my writing to do so. On occasion, my husband cooks so that’s writing time for me. During the weekend, I tend to write until the wee hours of the morning before catching on sleep. I am really blessed to have a son who helps with the household chores and a husband who helps with the cooking. ;-) I also make it a point to read and I’ve learned to make my own swag. Then the new workweek rolls in…..

    Do you have any upcoming events or releases we should know about?

    My upcoming release will still have highlanders, but there will also be witch, sprinkled with a dose of time travel mixed into it. It will be called Lost in Limbo series and will be serialized by Beau Coup Publishing. First book of the series will be simply called, “Struan”.

    Where can we find you on social media?

    You can follow me here: FacebookTwitterAmazon

    Isobelle - Thank you SO much for your time today!

    Aislinn, thank you so much for having me. 

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