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    Please welcome Tina Bass!

    When you characters started talking to you and you decided to become an author, what made you take the chance?

    I’ve always had ‘characters’ in my head but never thought too much about it. Then one day I was talking with a very good friend of mine and I jokingly made the comment about writing a book. She told me if I wrote it she would help with the editing. I said something like yeah might do that. Then didn’t give it much more thought after that. About a week or so later I was sitting out on my back deck listening to some music and Kade starting yelling “write this down!” So I grabbed some paper and pen and starting writing.

    What helped you decide the genre to write and publish?

    I think it’s because romance is my go-to. I love the boy gets girl happily ever after. So it just comes out on its own in my writing.

    How long did His Safe Keeping take to go from your head to "paper" to "print"?

    I starting writing in November and it was published in April so about four months.

    What is the most important thing you learned about the whole process you think an aspiring author should know?

    You’re going to get bad reviews. It’s a given. Not every single person is going to fall in love with your book. And that’s okay. That saying “You can’t please everyone” well it’s true you really can’t so don’t try. But don’t just dismiss them either. Read them, take them into consideration and go from there. Most reviewers will tell you the reason why they didn’t love your book and their ‘whys’ can be helpful as you continue to write.

    Did you decide to self-publish or use a publishing company and what helped you make that decision?

    I went with Beau Coup Publishing’s because I started off knowing absolutely nothing about publishing so through Facebook I contacted some of the authors that I had friended to ask their opinion. One of which was Sable Hunter and through messages back and forth and telephone calls she told me a little of her experiences with self-publishing as well as publishing companies. She also told me about her publishing company that she was starting but at the same time didn’t pressure me into submitting my work, instead she just said she would give me advice from her experiences on any route that I chose to go. I think that was the main reason I did decide to go with Beau Coup.

    What helped you choose the cover art to use?

    Again Sable Hunter, although she didn’t know it at the time. I loved her cover for Cowboy Heat and inside was a link to Romance Novel Covers that she had used. I chose the picture that I loved and Beau Coup did the rest.

    Who are some of your favorite authors?

    I have tons of favorites and with e-books I think I have a new one every week but my top all-time favorite would have to be J. D. Robb. I was given a copy of Memory in Death by a friend and honestly it sat on my bookshelf probably a year or more before I ever picked it up to read. It was that book that sparked my love of reading that turned into a love of writing.

    Who is your favorite character from your story and why?

    I think it would have to be Draco, although in His Safe Keeping you only get a few peeks at him I have finished his book Safe with Him and the man has met his match.

    Do you characters tell you the story or do you discuss it with them?

    The best way I can describe it is, it’s like a movie playing in my head I can ‘see’ the scenes as they play out but at the same time they—the characters—break the fourth wall and allow me to ‘discuss’ bits and pieces as long as they agree. If I try and change something that they don’t agree with, it’s like it’s physically impossible for me to write it.

    Do you go by the "seat of your pants" or use an outline or some other method when writing?

    I guess it would be seat of my pants. I sit and I write what I ‘see’ or what the character tells me to write. Although I have discovered that I need to have a general outline of the characters and a timeline for what happen when or who did what when. Things like that.

    Do you listen to music or have a book "playlist"?

    Yes I listen to music and include it in my writing. Each book has its own playlist that I list not only on my Facebook page but I’m working on a YouTube channel that will have each book’s playlist.

    Your novel, His Safe Keeping released April 20, 2014. Is there another in the series in the works?

    Yes Safe with Him is the second in the series—coming soon—and there will be eight in The Safe series and two—so far—that will spin off from that series.

    Are there any events or upcoming releases we should know about?

    Not at the moment, no.

    Where can we find you on social media?

    Excerpt from His Safe Keeping

    “You ever rode a horse, baby?” he asked, but she only shook her head because she was too busy looking at the beautiful creature standing in front of her.
    “Can I rub him?” she asked, reverently, as her hand was slowly rising to touch the horse.
    “Yeah, he likes to be rubbed by pretty girls.” He teased her. But, just how many pretty girls were around to rub on the horse, and how many rubbed on the horse’s owner? She thought, and had never known before that she had a jealous streak! She was so into her own thoughts that she didn’t notice Kade was putting a saddle on another one and started walking it out. Grabbing her hand, he walked them all out and into a fenced in area. “Time to ride.” He scooped her up and placed her in the saddle on the horse. A very big horse. That was very far from the ground.
    “Are you sure this is safe?” Krista asked nervously.
    “Baby, you’re safe.” He stayed standing right beside her leg.
    “It’s pretty far from the ground,” she stated, nervously because she was.
    “Baby, you’re safe.” Kade repeated, patiently.
    “I won’t fall off?” she asked the question, but before he could answer, she continued, “I fall off, I could break something.”
    “Baby, you are not going to fall off.” Kade chuckled. She looked down at him. Was he laughing?
    “Fine. But, just so you know, if I fall off and break something, there will be no nakedness, until said something in no longer br—” She began, and then squealed as big hands grabbed her by the waist and yanked her back off the horse, and when her feet touched the ground, she mumbled, “Broken.”
    “Not goin’ to be no nakedness around here. Nakedness yeah, no nakedness, fuck no!” Kade stated. She looked up at him and it was her turn to bust out laughing. He took her back inside the stables to another horse, a bigger horse. She watched him saddle that one, then he walked them back out again. He got on the horse, then leaned down and held out his hand to her. “You can ride with me.” Before she could decide whether she wanted to get on that horse with him, he grabbed her up and had her in the saddle with him. Her back was pressed to his front, his arms around her waist. She felt the horse begin to move under her. “Relax, baby,” he whispered in her ear. “I’ve got you. You’re safe. Look around, it’s beautiful.” She thought he was wrong as she relaxed and began to take in her surroundings. It wasn’t beautiful, it was breathtaking. She had never seen anything like it. Green pastures, rolling hills, and off in the distance, she could see mountains and the sun was just starting to set behind them.
    “Wow.” she breathed, quietly.
    “Yeah,” he answered low.
    “Irish,” she whispered as she melted more into him. She never wanted to learn how to ride a horse on her own if this was the results. Being held by Kade, tight in his arms. Perfect, she thought, absolutely perfect, though she never said a word. Words weren’t needed now, just this…this perfection.

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