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    Announcement - March 2, 2015

    I have to admit, I have been away much longer than I originally anticipated to take a small break from blogging. I got overwhelmed and there are SO many amazing authors, and a few not so great authors that want to be read and advertised and promoted I had a hard time saying no. In my previous position (job) I had a lot of down time, even considering I am a full time mom, work full time and go to school full time. 

    However, I found out at the end of last year (2014) that my job was going to quickly come to an end and there was no future in site for me transferring internally as I was in the same boat as several hundred other people whose jobs were outsourced (internally) to another country. Considering my job wasn't outsourced, we just didn't get a contract renewal and I am the sole provider for a family of five, I panicked. I had to look and fast. I decided to delay returning to school after graduation and start job hunting.

    I am happy to say that I was able to find a job with the new company that took over the customer support contract and I was offered a raise, something I hadn't had in over 5 years at my previous job. I was offered an amazing schedule at four, ten hour days. However, due to training and a lot of the pain of transitioning to a new company and new people my four, ten hour days turned into four or five days that are ten to twelve hours long. I love my new job and want to give 200% when I can to make this new company successful. The environment is amazing and I am truly happy for once in years working for someone else.

    On the down side of all of this, my "me" time that was comprised of blogging, reading and reviewing suffered for "real world" responsibility. So, I thought I would take a short break (a couple of weeks) and be right back into the swing of things. That was not to be the case...

    I will never stop reading, reviewing or blogging .. but what this does mean is that I won't be doing as many promotions for other bloggers or promotion companies and my blog may miss a day or two scheduling out posts. I might take longer than a week or maybe even two to do a read/review for an author. I can no longer do a read/review turn around in as little as three days. I am getting caught up, starting today.

    So, please be a bit patient while I knock off the dust, kick away the rust and catch up on the long back log of reviews I promised, interviews authors gave back to me which fell into the "to do" pile that I have to get done before I can take on anything new and enjoy the blog and book world again.

    My Promises 

    I will give you a realistic timeline if you ask me to review a book. 
    I will be catching up on all book reviews and interviews I already have before I take on anything new.
    I am not taking any more requests until I am caught up. 
    I am going to take some time offline for my family and keep one day a week as a "down" day to do whatever needs to get done offline.
    I will continue sharing free and low cost books when I am able.

    I apologize to those authors and promoters who I've let down in the past 2-3 months, but I will begin promotions again soon to help you out. I will get caught up for the books I was given and will post an honest review.

    Thank you for sticking it out through the past few months and staying by my side. It's been a crazy ride and I am sure more craziness will come about before it settles down, and I appreciate your support.

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