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    I have decided to temporarily put a hold on book review requests. I have finally found part of the list I thought I lost on the books I agreed to review and I want to catch up and complete all of these prior to accepting any new requests. I have three reviews for books that I simply have to type up and a remaining 7 additional books I owe a review that was promised in at least a few (2 minimum) cases last year. I had a list and lost it and the books were lost among emails and my Kindle in the thousands of both I have. However, in all fairness I want to read and review the remaining stories I have promised before I accept any more requests.

    I am currently in school and working full time, however I plan to schedule in reading and attempt to do a book every 1-2 weeks until I am caught up. This is of course dependent on my actual work load which can vary at work and school. In addition I am a full time mother and my children are out of school for the summer, so please bare with me! 

    Please do not think I am ignoring emails or requests for book reviews. I am just playing catch up and will get to them all ASAP!

    Thank you for understanding!

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