Book Campaign: Grace After the Storm by Sandy Sinnett (@SandySinnett) [Hosted By @lovingthebook]

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    Loves future can begin in the past.

    Brad’s brother recently found the love of his life, and now he too longs to find his one. No one seems to compare to his first love from years ago, though - the woman he left behind for money and a career. To remind him of her love, though, on what would have been their wedding anniversary, Brad writes her a letter. Never mailed. Never read…until this year, after the storm ends. 
    Hannah’s estate is in foreclosure - unable to keep her family’s estate after her parents’ death. Sparks begin to fly however after the estate is purchased and the new owner arrives. Not only was Brad the love of her life, but he’s also the man who walked out on her eight years ago. At first sight, Hannah’s grandmother believes their love still exists, and even as her health fades she works to help Hannah see the good in Brad.
    Hannah must deal with painful memories from her past as she is forced to work with Brad and save her estate, but will her stubborn pride cause her to lose him again?
    She begins to see Brad in a new light, and the love she felt for him long ago is reborn. When Hannah’s ‘little sister’ Clare discovers Brad’s secret, though, a storm of events will begin that may destroy their only chance for love, and may risk Hannah’s life in the process. Brad and Hannah will face both tragedy and loss as they rekindle their love, remembering that grace always follows the storm.

    Sandy recently moved back to her hometown of Mt. Vernon, IL and lives there with her two youngest kids.  She currently works in Marketing for a local Children's Home and is busy working on another book

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    After suffering a devastating loss, Laci and Mitch take a trip back to the Pacific
    Northwest to find healing and renewal.  It’s only a matter of time before their paths
    cross with Hannah Blake - owner and innkeeper of FoxHead Estates.  Over the last
    several years, Hannah has lost most everything she once held dear, one by one. The
    love of her life walked away from her eight years ago, and although she hated to admit
    it, her soul still cried out for him even today.  All that remained of him were painful
    memories, and a little wooden box containing a single letter he left her – never
    opened.  Never read.  Her parents died six years ago, and Hannah took in her 89 year-
    old ailing grandmother.  Lois is the only family she has left, but Hannah knows it is
    only a matter of time before she would lose her too.  Now, her family’s estate was in
    foreclosure; her world was crashing down and there was nothing anyone could do
    about it.  Or was there?  

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